Project, funded by the Italy-France Maritime Territorial Cooperation Program, aimed at the implementation of a Cross-Border Competence Center for the provision of specialized services to Micro and SMEs in Sardinia, Liguria, Tuscany and Corsica, related to the Nautical and Shipbuilding sectors and Innovative and Sustainable Tourism


  • To design, develop and test a cross-border Competence Center able to increase the competitiveness and the innovation potential of companies in the selected sectors
  • Strengthen smart growth and support employment capacity in sectors with significant impact on the economy in the regions involved
  • Provide advanced business development services: business strategy and internationalization; innovation and technology transfer; access to financial programs, etc
  • Simplify the ecosystem in which to do business and strengthen competitiveness in foreign markets


  • Land mapping and identification of key competences for the Cross-Border Competence Center
  • Selection of experts who will implement the services of the Competence Center
  • Provision of specialist back and front office services:
    • Training courses, self-diagnosis models, company audits and check-ups, structuring action plans, matching and scouting services
    • Individual support and collective laboratories, training services, legal, accounting and marketing tools
  • Promotion of the project and Animation of the Cross-border Competence Center on the territory:
    • Webinar, Focus group, Web and Social information workshops, Masterclass
  • Selection of 20 companies for testing services


  • Camera di Commercio di Ajaccio e della Corsica del Sud
  • Camera di Commercio di Bastia e dell’Alta Corsica
  • Pont-Tech – Pontedera & Tecnologia Scrl
  • Unioncamere Liguria
  • Promocamera – Azienda Speciale della CCIAA Nord Sardegna
  • FILSE – Finanziaria Ligure per lo Sviluppo Economico

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