The project, funded by the Italy-France Maritime Territorial Cooperation Program 2014-2020 and launched in February 2017 with a two-year duration, has its central objective in the implementation of a certified cross-border network of subjects specialized in business creation and incubation, which allows the provision of joint services to support innovative start-ups in the area of cross-border cooperation and active in the reference sectors (Nautical and Shipbuilding; Innovative and Sustainable Tourism; Blue and Green Biotechnologies; Renewable Blue and Green Energies).

Objectives :

Creating a certified cross-border network of experts specialized in business creation and incubation is the main objective of the project. This network, supported by the project partners, will be the link between the start-ups belonging to the four reference sectors and stakeholders from the scientific, economic and industrial world. The project, in detail:

  • will build new joint services
  • will support good practices already adopted at local level, making them available to start-ups in the cross-border area
  • will allow companies to fit into a global market, moving immediately into a transnational context
  • will make contact between economic actors of the territories involved easier, facilitating the creation of cross-border economic aggregates


  • mapping of incubation services already present in the cross-border area
  • detection of the needs of start-ups in terms of services for business creation and development
  • definition of a catalog of cross-border incubation / acceleration services
  • creation of a certified cross-border network of incubators and business accelerators
  • building a platform of innovative cross-border services to support the creation and development of start-ups. The platform, which will be free and usable by everyone, will be the means by which the incubation services, contained in the catalog, will be provided to companies and will represent a real laboratory for the creation and development of a business.
  • organization of a cross-border competition called FRI_START CUP


  •  Incubateur Paca-Est
  • Toulun Var Technologies
  • Pont-Tech – Pontedera & Tecnologia Scrl
  • Unioncamere Liguria
  • Università degliStudi di Sassari
  • FILSE – Finanziaria Ligure per lo Sviluppo Economico
  • Incubateur d’Entreprises Innovantes – INIZIA

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